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- Prepare shipping documents such as packing list, purchase order, invoice to service for the imported & exported customs clearance procedure.
- Using VNACCS, ECUSTOOLS and proceed for the customs clearance of shipments.

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    Candidates please send your CV to Gmail address hr.glocom@gmail.com


    GLOCOM's corporate culture includes the following elements:


    We understand, motivation is one of the decisive factors to employee's work efficiency. A happy business is built on the foundation of happy working.

    Think Right

    If you want to do right, you must think right first, and if you want to think right, you must go through the process of cultivating knowledge. We encourage and create conditions for all GLOCOM members to study hard and work together.


    At GLOCOM, we are aware of the power of companionship. Enterprises and employees work together to create breakthroughs and increase capacity for continuous development.

    Modern and equal working environment

    At GLOCOM, we always create conditions for each employee to maximize their capacity, creativity and dedication. Therefore, in addition to creating a friendly, sociable, cooperative and sustainable working environment, we also have reasonable policies and rewards for employees.

    Corporate culture is the strength of GLOCOM, the substance that binds GLOCOM people, motivating each individual to make constant efforts, contributing to the sustainable development of the company. Each member considers GLOCOM as their second home, a place where they stick together and spend most of the day living and working.

    GLOCOM defines building a strong corporate culture, an ideal working environment for employees as a journey, not a destination.


    Why choose GLOCOM?

    Training program

    GLOCOM always creates conditions for employees to have the opportunity to be trained and develop their professional careers in order to build a team of highly qualified staff. Every year, the company builds a professional training plan suitable for each department, at each level in accordance with the development strategy of the company.

    Training program

    Modern office space

    Open space office with modern interior decoration style, creating a working space that is not constrained in both vision and thinking, increasing interaction, and easy exchange of work between employees but still maintain independence in each person's work.

    Modern office space

    Professional working environment

    GLOCOM is constantly building, improving and providing employees with a young, dynamic working environment that respects different thinking. Employees are always given conditions to promote their capacity and develop their careers.

    Professional working environment
    Our mission is to build trust with our customers every step of the way. This is the factor that unites all GLOCOM employees who are working from different departments, because we share the same goal of making efforts in work for customers.